SIdE organizes activities aimed at achieving the statutory goals, such as conferences, workshops, institution of scholarships, courses, publications, etc.

Moreover, SIdE promotes scientific collaboration between econometricians in Italy and abroad and welcomes the participation in SIdE by young scholars in an early stage of their career.

To achieve the goals set forth in this Constitution, SIdE may take any action it deems appropriate or otherwise necessary; more in detail, SIdE may:

  1. rent property to be used for its activities;
  2. manage the assets owned, donated to, rented by or otherwise received and held by SIdE;
  3. acquire assets or property and, more generally, sign contracts, acts and agreements of any kind, including with public and private entities, including for the funding of institutional activities in this constitution; release collateral and guarantees to third parties.

The University of Bologna hosts the headquarters of SIdE.