SIdE admits as regular members persons who have an interest in econometrics. Regular members of SIdE are admitted upon application to the Steering Committee. Together with the application to SIdE, prospective regular members give their consent to the distribution of their CV and list of publications, in the spirit of disclosure of research in econometrics stated in the goals of SIdE.

The interest in econometrics is identified by the curriculum of studies and/or the scientific or professional career. The Steering Committee resolution approving the application of new regular members is approved by an absolute majority rule.

The Steering Committee may require extra information from the applicant in order to make a decision; in no case shall the Steering Committee take longer than 6 months from the initial filing in order to make a decision. At the end of the year the Steering Committee shall decide all pending applications. In case one application is not accepted, the applicant may apply again not before a period of 2 years.