We are happy to annouce this one-day workshop in honor of Domenico Sartore. The workshop will aim at presenting to the large community of scientists researching in quantitative economics some recent results obtained by the Econometrics group at Ca' Foscari University of Venice in the analysis of latent variable models and high dimensional stochastic models with applications to economics and finance.

Domenico Sartore greatly contributed to the field of time series econometrics and to the development of the econometric community in Italy. Since the beginning of his career in academia he showed a unique talent in attracting a huge number of students, turning them into leading scholars that keep contributing to the area of Econometrics both in academia and out of academia.

The workshop will feature many contributions by young researchers, discussions from colleagues and former students of Domenico and an invited seminar by Matteo Barigozzi.  The main topics will be: stochastic volatility, factor models, regimes switching models, temporal networks, graphical models, Bayesian methods, systemic risk, and business cycle analysis.

We will be delighted if you can join us and congratulate Domenico.